Queens High School succeeds not because it is big or long established, but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it and build great future plans for it.  It is here where foundations are laid for many dreams and future plans of our learners that have come true. Queens High School will continue to strive to always be an institute of distinction.

The significance of education has not changed. It has actually become greater. Education, however, cannot be today what it was yesterday. It has to be more and it has to be different. It needs to provide for the changing needs of the children in a world that is regulated by endless challenges and is dependent on creative, autonomous thinkers.

For all parents, the education of their children is of the greatest importance and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a good education is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. It is something he/she cannot lose or have taken away from him/her. It will greatly influence his/her realizing his/her potential and will improve his/her chances of leading a successful life.

Our vision is to assist pupils to become highly trainable and highly principled citizens. To achieve our vision we need to provide each learner with the education, which will equip him/her for his/her future in society. To achieve our aim we offer:

  • a relevant education for a changing South Africa;
  • a unique friendly and caring ethos;
  • a demanding yet supportive learning environment;
  • a pupil-centered  approach where each learner is provided with opportunities for individual growth;
  • excellent facilities and the latest education technology;
  • a professional and dedicated teaching staff;
  • a cost effective education;
  • an extensive and highly competitive extra-curricular programme;

We have confidence in Queens High School’s future. Although tradition is important at Queens High School, we are not trapped by the past. We believe in sustaining the best of the past, but have at the same time shown a eagerness to adjust to change – to be pro-active and relevant as we prepare our pupils to play a consequential role in a future South Africa. We do not see change as a peril, but as a challenge to build anew.

Queens High School prides itself on producing free-spirited liberated thinkers. The Queens High School community is multicultural  and we value this quality in developing citizens that are well rounded and who can enter the world as confident, independent thinkers.

The values we attempt to instil in our learners are unity in diversity, hard work and sincerity, valour and fair play, open-mindedness and inquisitiveness, faithfulness and patriotism and to always strive for brilliance. Every learner is guided to really live the motto of the school. To be Second to None. To be NULLI SECUNDUS.  No learner is unnoticed and all are offered opportunity to develop, thrive and enjoy their educational experience contained by the boundaries of the South African School’s Act and the Code of Conduct for Learners.